Talent3sixty says we are implementation focused

Talent3sixty has completed over 10,000 feedback reports. These have been conducted in over 25 Companies. The assessments have been done on various competency models, which Clients have developed for themselves. […]

Productivity and Performance of Auto Components Industry

Over the last 2 years, Talentonic has worked closely with 64 auto component companies to test the hypothesis: “HR & IR capability of Auto Component Manufacturers directly impacts business performance and their overall reliability for the OEM operators” An HR/IR Capability model consisting of seven elements, was established and tested on 64 auto-component companies. Results […]

Talentonic Stress Index

Talentonic Stress Index uses the four-way view by Steward D. Friedman in his book “Total leadership” for deriving an index to asses an individual’s stress level. We tested this hypothesis to measure short-term stress and the culture fit stress for a manufacturing organization. We concluded that four distinct types of individuals emerged as result and […]

Talentonic Coaching Methodology

Talentonic coaching methodology enables clients to realise their business potential by focussing on developing key talent. We work best where the business has an apetite which requires “wind beneath their wings” to enable individual leadership members to fly higher and farther. […]


Talentmaturity is a survey based tool. It assesses the level of maturity of each of the eight major HR processes and their sub-processes which contribute to the success of the HR function. […]

Sample Report Employee Engagement Survey

Talentonic, in partnership with Centre for Talent Solutions (CTS), USA, brings together the latest human capital practices in the field of engagement solution. […]

HR Diagnostic

While it’s important to take an integrated view, it’s definitely not necessary that every organization must traverse the same path, and arrive at the same place in terms of maturity of the HR processes […]

Sample Report Talent3sixty

The development of leadership is a continuous process as an individual gains experience, assumes greater levels of responsibility, and faces a growing complexity of organizational problem solving demands. […]

Sample Report Talentmaturity

The report compares the responses of the Human Resource Team with the Leadership Team to assess the level maturity of the HR processes and their sub processes which contribute to the success of the HR Function. It also measures the overall satisfaction that the business is deriving from each of the HR processes. […]

Ignition & Velocity in Leadership Development

The Global Human Capital Study1 has a section which is called “revealing the leadership gap - future growth at risk.” The results are frightening and despite the economic slowdown of the last few years the reality of gaps in leadership pipeline still haunt many organizations. […]

On Demand Hiring

In recent years, recruitment has emerged from behind the shadow of the Human Resource Function as a serious and scientific endeavour. The search to improve recruitment quality (“fitness for use”) will continue to be a challenge as organizations ramp up with very large numbers to meet business requirements in IT, BPO, Insurance & Retail Banking sectors. […]

8 Common Mistakes in Designing Bonus Plans

I do hope that we have a few more arrows in our quiver. The answer to all our business challenges is not to motivate and coerce employees by amending the bonus plan. What happened to good old leadership? Don’t abdicate that to your compensation and benefits manager! […]

Reduce your Cost of Compensation

When we speak to employers about bringing down their cost of compensation, they think we are talking about reducing salaries…or worse still that we are selling employee engagement!! Better structuring and a strategic review of the compensation policy can actually reduce your compensation bill as a percentage of sales […]

Aligning competencies to business

Don’t go buying something just because it’s available and looks pretty. Architecting an organization is hard work and needs passion.As a practitioner, you should be on the ground and see the uniqueness of your situation. As a researcher, your search for the ultimate truth may never end. […]

Creating HR Athletes

A 3 day workshop designed to accelerate skill development in the HR Function. It involves understanding the expectations and opportunities for skill development in the HR Function, learning and practicing 'Internal Consulting', reviewing major HR processes in the organization and identifying opportunities to improve business satisfaction in those processes. […]