Board Evaluation

A survey tool to evaluate Board Effectiveness, it enables companies to obtain confidential and insightful feedback from their Boards using a secure system.
Performance evaluation is an increasingly important feature of boardrooms across the globe. An independant review has benefits for individual directors, boards and the organizations for which they work. By undertaking an external review, a Board demonstrates to investors and other stakeholders that it is committed to continuous development and isn’t becoming complacent


This impacts all listed entities governed by the SEBI Act, 1992; and Companies incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 and having a paid- up share capital of >=25 cores at the end of the preceding financial year.


User Friendly

Intuitive survey design requires no training and is 100% customizable on the questions set, skills matrix and company structure. We can be setup, evaluate and report in a fortnight.


Actionable Insights

Reporting covers feedback to the Board as a whole, to each committee and individual director. It can provide comparisons with previous years and help build an improvement strategy.

How does set up work ?


What have we learnt ?

  • Board Evaluation is an effective team-building and ethics-shaping activity that helps create a shared set of board norms
  • The right mindset and Boardroom dynamics are as important as the board structure and composition
  • Boards will clearly defined roles function in harmony with the CEO and Management Teams
  • Organisations that treat Board Evaluation as a compliance exercise lose the opportunity for important insights
  • In communicating outcomes, the confidentiality of the process contributes significantly to honest inputs by participants and provides the board with defensible results

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Board Evaluation by the Numbers

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Client Testimonials

"The Board Evaluation tool was easy to set up, we were able to get reports in quick turn around time and drive some important changes in the way we were operating."

Company Secretary, Multinational Conglomerate Company

"The databank of questions was rich and made us think about areas we had not even realised were relevant."

Board Member, Leading Automotive Player

"I have recommended this product to other companies where I sit on Boards. If used effectively and without being defensive, it genuinely improves Board Effectiveness."

Board Chairman, Leading IT Consulting Firm

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