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A research-based leadership competency model that help leaders navigate through a changing business landscape.
The COVID-19 crisis has been an unnerving test for leadership teams everywhere. As leaders review their strategies to overcome this crisis, Talentonic has identified four energies, through interviews with business leaders, primary and secondary research, which will be valuable for leaders looking to survive and grow. Talentonic’s TalentEnergy model would enable leadership transformation with confidence and conviction.

Growth Energy.

These are leaders with energy and ambition, who are driven by a sense of purpose, not afraid to take risks and visualize a future they seek.


Survival Energy.

These leaders navigate through difficulties and change direction quickly. They take setbacks in their stride and instill hope.


Digital Energy.

These leaders display high digital dexterity. They embrace digital opportunities to drive superior performance.


Human Energy.

These leaders are humble, ask questions and listen actively. They show compassion and combine for creating performance.

THE TalentEnergy ASSESSMENT methodology USES

  • A 360-assessment
  • A personality-based assessment
  • Contextually relevant situation judgment tests and case studies
  • Behavioral event interviews by experienced assessors.

Talentonic’s assessment methodology is based on over 10 years of designing leadership assessment and development for our clients across industry sectors

Insightful TalentEnergy Reports

  • A one-page summary, with strengths to celebrate and traits / behaviours to develop upon.
  • Competency wise insights, including observations by experienced assessors
  • Customizable IDP templates and competency based helpful development resources.

Client Testimonials

"CEOs are expected to have a mindset of a warrior and a heart of a savior"

Jaikrishna B, President - Group HR & Corporate Communications, Amara Raja

"A new leadership is taking birth."


"Reimagining the organization and making more permanent design changes requires newer skills and that is a definitive work in progress."


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