Why Employee Engagement Solution

A tool to capture feedback on all areas of employee experiences and provides a repository of targeted solutions to improve impact


Global Insights

This engagement survey platform partners with the Centre for Talent Solutions (CTS) in America and brings the latest human capital practices in the field of engagement solution to clients. It also provides a repository of more than 20,000 targeted solutions to enable improvements and change and reports map suggested solutions to action areas


Unique Design

The survey uses a set of 50 globally researched and relevant questions on employee experiences. It works off a framework that covers engagement on 1. Work Environment 2. Manager Behaviour 3. Organisation Environment 4. Nature of Work Responsibilities

Client Testimonials

Talentonic steered us into a new age Digital HR. Talentonic’s deep techno-functional expertise helped to transition to digital platforms seamlessly. They aided our employees to acclimatize to the HR systems effectively"


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