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Talent Voice

A real time crowdsourcing survey tool that is easy to set-up and customize with intuitive reports that enable change and help create a healthy culture of open dialogue and transparency
TalentVoice is an employee voice platform that engages people in 3 simple steps: Answer, Vote, View Results.


Allows employees to not just share their ideas, but also vote for other’s ideas



Pre-loaded and customizable anytime anywhere pulse or engagement surveys.


Intuitive Analytics

Access interactive team dashboards to draw insights for action

Take the Survey

Design and deploy a survey within minutes. Use our pre-defined templates or customize communication templates and roll out the survey.

Vote for the best ideas

A game like UI allows voting for as many comments as resonate. Our voting algorithm ensures that each comment gets equal visibility.

View Real-Time Results

View results before or after completing the survey or once the survey is closed. We also offer custom report views for leaders. We categorize employees into Engaged (Green), Somewhat Engaged (Yellow) and Disengaged (Red) basis responses.

Monitor Action Plans

The tool facilitates action planning at each manager, leader or even just the HR level. The choice is yours.

Our surveys don’t just measure engagement but create engagement by listening to people and acting on their ideas

Client Story

We have collaborated with a big commercial vehicles manufacturer for a 36-month employee engagement partnership for ~4000 people. Currently, we are helping them with a pulse survey to learn about their performance management cycle and asking employees what one change would improve their experience. Our tool will help their ~4000 employees vote for suggestions, their peers offered, and the organization will be able to view the top 5 suggestions that resonate with a majority of their employees

“We shared the results of TalentVoice in our Board meeting, and it created a good feeling. Compliments for a great job done”

Vinod Aggarwal, Managing Director, VECV.