The Alternate Universe

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What are the new rules of the game? What are CEO's thinking? What will be the future of globalization? What should HR Leaders be focused on? What happens to our cherished values and culture? These are some of the questions we asked. Our biggest take away: Unprecedented. Nothing has prepared us for this level of crises, and we are all learning on the job. What lies on the other side will look nothing like what we have left behind. Despite this, the faith is strong and the hope is high. A tremendous amount of work is underway to manage the change.


  • Business Continuity. Cash management is key. Make sure you have a one-year runway ahead in a depressed revenue situation. Use win-win solutions with all your partners. Get comfortable with and enjoy virtual working.
  • Redesign. Redesign the org structure to respond to new levels of business operation and priorities.
  • Operational Planning. Fix the Supply Chain, Distribution network, Transport, Logistics. Take one step at a time. And be ready for the next one.
  • Employee Wellbeing. The paramount concern. Understanding and explaining work from home. New models of employee engagement and communication. Focussing on employee training. Building up morale. Dealing with concerns of safety and health.
  • Digitization. Use this opportunity to implement digital tools, they are an urgent need now. Put your digitization program in high priority.


  • The Organization. It is dangerous to assume that the fundamental architecture and purpose of our organization will remain the same. The design, the skills and the key processes will go through a transformation. Consumer buying habits and behavior will change. Don the hat of an architect.
  • The Culture This is a people crises and abandoning the people agenda is not the right way of solving it. Keep the talent policy intact. Empower and multiply your leadership. We need more hands on deck empowered to take decisions and satisfy the customer. Tight control may not be the solution.

The journey within was as profound as the journey outside. The optimism was infectious and the confidence inspiring. Those who have the good fortune to be at the helm of affairs during these times will see growth and opportunity. Sitting down with these incredible leaders and having this dialogue has been the highlight of my quarantine.

I hope you are all staying safe.

Akshat Birla

Founder and CEO

Finovate Capital

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Aamir Akhtar


Arvind Limited

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Jayaram Easwaran


Leadership Advisor

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Rakesh Khanna


Orient Electric

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Shailesh Singh

Chief People Officer

Max Life Insurance

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SY Siddiqui

Executive Advisor

Maruti Suzuki India

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Vinod Aggarwal


VE Commercial Vehicles

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Deepak Dhawan

CEO and Founder

Talentonic HR Solutions

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