Organisation Strategy Design


Create the structure, processes and necessary leadership skills to create a growth enabled business.


Talentonic ran a deep diagnosis of the organisation. We spent time with the promoter and his leadership team to understand the organisation culture and their business realities. This helped understand which holes to plug and created a solution that was practical in their context.


Helped deliver a 10% increase in CAGR

Strengthened their business development engine

Created a new org structure in line with the growth vision and a strategy to staff the new structure

Recruited for multiple senior positions (e.g. HR Head, CFO)

Empowered the business leaders

Created a decision making matrix for agility

Revamped the compensation structure and linked it to business performance for senior leaders

Revamped the Performance Management system

Ran an Assessment of the top 80 people in the company

Help manage attrition and employee engagement across locations