Designing a 360 Feedback Portal that impacted 2000 employees in a PSU


Design from scratch a 360 degree appraisal process for a group of Managers at a PSU. Design a tool and the end report.


Talentonic first ran interviews to better understand what design and workflow requirements the client had in mind. This allowed us to develop a tool that needed minimal changes once it was ready because we involved the client in many rounds of user acceptance training. Post launch, Talentonic deployed a dedicated resource at the client site to help manage the application, deal with queries and train a client team member to deal with a variety of troubleshooting queries.


The tool allowed the Client HR Team to create a 360 appraisal for a group of employees, send system emails seeking feedback and generate a predefined report for each participant.

In its first wave over 2000 members of the client team drew benefit from this tool