HR Solutions and Consultant


We first engaged with Talentonic about 3 years ago. Our problem statement was that we had grown very rapidly in the last decade and were beginning to feel the pressures with the back end of the organisation not having caught up with the market opportunity creating all kinds of bottlenecks. Talentonic came in and helped us to change our thinking. They installed the balanced score card as a way of performance planning, they restructured the organisation, assisted us to staff talent and revamped the major HR processes and policies. They helped us to understand governance and to draw a line between family and company and installed professional processes which have helped us to develop a new vision for ourselves and a new confidence that its possible to break the sound barrier. Its been great to be associated with them and its made a difference to me and to my entire leadership team. Our business results and confidence has improved substantially.

Promoter MD of a major herbal research and products company

On the advise of our Board, we worked very closely with Talentonic to finalise the vision & mission statement for our management school. It was truly a refreshing experience, and the process followed by Talentonic, itself became a discovery of our possibilities. We realised that fixing the aims for our Institution is not merely about workshops and word smithing. But a journey about what is happening in the field of management education and how our school can make a difference to all our constituents.

Director, One of the IIMs

Talentonic has worked with us on multiple Human Resource solutions. The have helped us to revamp our leadership and technical competency model, restructure our performance management system and make it online, and followed that through with a 360 degree assessment of our senior leadership. They have also helped us to understand the maturity of our core HR processes, the gaps and the actions required to fill those gaps. As we have worked with them over the last two years we have found that the Partner group of Talentonic has tremendous subject matter depth, are practical and very responsive to our business needs.

Chief Executive Officer, Rs 6000 crores automotive major.

We were introduced to Talentonic about 3 years ago. We had a vision to become the most significant company in our domain and to be able to do that by attracting the best talent and creating a quality of an organisation which would enable our business vision. For three years Talentonic has functioned as an catalyst to enable this vision and are our go to people / sounding board for new ideas. They have helped us to recruit new talent, install new ideas and functioned as a coach for me and the entire senior management team.

Promotor Chairman major fashion exporter and city & housing developer.